donderdag 26 augustus 2010

These simple, perfect days

Here are some pictures of a perfect day! Just hanging around with friends, talking, laughing, and more laughing and talking. I'm not wearing something special, felt quite boring..
After the picknick I went straight to the cinema to see the movie Inception. Seriously, I think that's an amazing movie. I really love it! Go watch it if you can :)! For the Dutch people: watch it in IMAX; the screen, the sound - it's great!

Only 1,5 week left before school starts again. I love the holidays, but I'm okay with school - I want to graduate soooo badly. Can you imagine that I'm done with highschool in 1 year?

And... It's my 17th birthday sunday! I don't have a long list of wishes, I only asked for a tripod for my camera and some perfume!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Thanks a lot for your visit on my blog :D I have never imagine that some foregin will visit my blog :D:D I was looking for the tights also for ages and finally I found them in H&M. I was going to that shop nearly every day from winter to see if they got that tights :)
    I think I am going to see Inception, because everybody says thats amazing :D And happy B-day :)

  2. Nice pictures! :) I really want to see Inception too :)

  3. beautiful photos! and happy birthday hope u get what you asked for :) x

  4. days with friend are soo perfect!!and i wish you happy birthday now!! =)

  5. Ik heb de film nog niet gezien, ben wel benieuwd!

  6. so lovely smile :)

    Jess from Taiwan.