maandag 30 augustus 2010

Just a smalltown girl

Hello world, here's a 17 year old girl! I've really had an amazing weekend. On saterday evening, 00:00, I turned 17. We absolutely celebrated it! The next day, my family came and sunday evening my friends. Now I'm a little bit tired, after going out for 4 days in a row..
But I'm happy. I've got my perfume - Tentation from Cacharel - and a tripod. And a huge scarf and hat from my sister, some jewelry and lots of money.

And I'm sooo excited, my teeth brace (how do you call it?) will be removed next week.. Let's hope it will look nice!

Skirt - Selfmade
Cardigan - H&M
Scarf - H&M
Shoes - Shoeland
Bag - Italy
Owl necklace - Claire's

15 opmerkingen:

  1. Cute outfit! I love the shoes and the bag :)

  2. it was a great day, thanks for asking :)
    in love with your skirt, bag, belt, everything!

  3. Love the necklace and your skirt, you made it pretty well!

  4. you look fabulous my dear!! love this outfit and happy birthday!!! :) x

  5. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  6. so cute and lovly
    your skirt is awesome =)
    The date was more then fine. I have a new boyfriend =) The problem is only he is from Marseille and travel to southeasteurope for a while.

  7. He kijk, daar heb je je rokje! :D Wat leuk!

  8. what a fantastic look- very feminine and cute!!! happy bday and good luck with your teeth xxx xxx

  9. You have an amazing blog and I love your skirt SO much. check on my blog and feel free to follow me, I'm following you. I would love if we could follow each other, ohh and if you have twitter you can add me too or facebook . I would be so glad.
    ♥, Jo

  10. that outfit is so lovely and not to mention stylish, i like all the layerings and how everything was put together. the color is lovely, and the shoes are rad.

    happy belated birthday! :D

  11. Love this outfit! Thanks for the lovely comment. I'm following you now because I love your blog! Follow me back if you can :)

  12. wow, that skirt is adorable!! loving the necklace as well <3